We had the pleasure of speaking with Achievement Academy Executive Director, John Burton to learn more about this wonderful Polk County organization that specializes in helping children with developmental delays and disabilities.  John shared a story with us about his experience with Boring.


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Making A Difference
Achievement Academy is a fantastic non-profit organization that serves children with special needs in Polk County.  With three campuses located in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Bartow, they provide specialized instruction for over 150 children, ages 18 months through five years old.

Each of the three facilities of Achievement Academy offers specialized instruction from certified teachers; small class sizes; individual speech; occupational and physical therapies; and assistive technologies that help each student reach his or her own unique potential.  This is all offered at no charge to the children or their families.


John Burton Dean Achievement Academy 8-2017.jpgJohn Burton, Executive Director of Achievement Academy and Dean Boring, President of Boring Business Systems at Achievement Academy's Lakeland, Florida campus.


achievement academy 2.jpgPre-Kindergarten / Developmental Kindergarten classroom at Achievement Academy, Lakeland.


achievement academy 3.jpgDevelopmentally-appropriate playground for children with special needs at Achievement Academy, Lakeland.


achievement academy 5.jpgSpecialized equipment allows children with disabilities to learn and enjoy a variety of activities that might not otherwise be accessible.


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Achievement Academy: "A Commitment to Brighter Futures"


Maximizing Potential
Achievement Academy's Mission:  "To assist children with special needs to reach their maximum potential by providing quality education, therapy, and family support."   We have had the honor of being able to see first-hand the ways that lives are being changed through this organization, and are proud to be a partner with such a great community resource!


an uncommon experience

This Is A Story That Made Us Proud To be Boring...

At lunch at Frescos in downtown Lakeland one day, John Burton stopped Dean Boring to tell him a story of how Boring Business Systems had come to the rescue of Achievement Academy, and expressed how much he appreciated it.

We then asked John if he would allow us to come visit him at Achievement Academy, have a tour, and record his testimonial about his experience with our service.  Kindly, John agreed.  We knew we would get a great interview, but we didn't know that our lives would be changed by this visit.  Seeing what the generosity of our community can do for those in need brought tears to our eyes, and forever changed our perspective on the power of coming together to Make A Difference.


See John's interview here:





Achievement Academy Relies On Our Community's Support

There are several ways to help. To learn more, follow this link:


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Thank you so much to John Burton and Achievement Academy for speaking with us and sharing your very important work. 


Please Visit Achievement Academy's Website to Learn More


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