Embracing Change: Challenges and Possibilities



The Boring Way, Fundamental #19

Nothing stays the same.  Be excited by change, and be energized by both the challenges and possibilities it creates.  Step out of your comfort zone; for growth never happens without risk. 


A 94 Year Old Company, Boring Business Systems 

lakeland typewriter company 2.jpgLakeland Typewriter & Supply Company, downtown Lakeland, FL 


In 1924, Frank W. Myers traveled from Tampa to Hartford, Connecticut to attend the Royal Typewriter Sales and Service School.  Upon his return, Mr. Myers moved his family from Tampa to Lakeland and founded his own Royal Typewriter dealership, the Lakeland Typewriter and Supply Company, in downtown Lakeland. 


Frank W Myers.jpgFrank W. Myers



Changing With The Times

Initially, the company specialized in typewriter sales and service, but soon added office furniture and supplies to its offerings.  Under Mr. Myers’ direction, the company continued to grow and adjust during difficult times – through the Great Depression and World War II. 


lakeland typewriter company 1.jpg


In 1952, Mr. Myers persuaded his son-in-law, Allan D. Boring, Jr. to join the company as General Sales Manager.  Allan, who had a background in accounting and bookkeeping, handled outside sales for the company. 


Allan Dean boring Jr.jpgAllan Dean Boring, Jr. 


Upon Mr. Myers’ retirement in the mid-1960’s Allan purchased the company.  A few years later, Allan changed the company’s name to “Boring Business Equipment.


Boring Business Equipment.jpg 


Risk And Reward

Dean Boring III, Allan’s son and the company’s current owner, grew up around the business. Dean worked for his father every summer starting in grammar school, before joining the business full time in 1967. 

 28828491_10103430432762108_8568034640143118029_o.jpgCurrent President Dean Boring's first paycheck from 1963 displayed in the conference room at Boring Business Systems, Inc. 


"I thought changing the name to Boring was the worst decision in the world.  Growing up being made fun of in grammar school convinced me that this was a terrible idea," jokes Dean Boring.  "Well it turns out my father was a genius.  It was one of the best decisions he ever made.  Our name is different and fun; people remember it." 


Responding To Adversity By Embracing Change

In 1973, Boring relocated from its original downtown Lakeland location to George Jenkins Blvd. and began selling copiers.  In 1980, Allan retired and Dean Boring purchased the company.


The Ledgerfeb 26 1995.jpgThe Ledger, 1995


In 2002, to accommodate Boring’s continued growth, the business relocated to East Main Street in Lakeland, where the company currently occupies 16,000 square feet of office, showroom, and warehouse space.  Located just east of downtown Lakeland, Boring now resides not far from where the company was founded in 1924. 


boring history photo.jpgThe Ledger, 2001


Boring Lakeland Satellite 2.jpg

 Boring Business Systems Corporate Headquarters, Lakeland, FL


Carol Catanzarite has been with Boring for over thirty one years.  Here she shares how the company has changed and adapted to deal with adversity: 



Onward And Upward

Company Meeting April 2017-2.jpg

Boring Showroom in Lakeland, FL

In the last several years, Boring has acquired both a local IT company and the copier division of Winter Haven’s Till Office Equipment to once again broaden the company’s services. 


The company now has 57 full-time associates in management, administration, sales, and technical support positions and has astonishingly grown by an average of one new associate a month - adding twenty new positions since 2017.


In 2016 Boring began the process of opening a sales, service, and showroom office in Tampa in order to accommodate continued growth and demand for products and services in Hillsborough County.  The location opened in 2017 on Cypress Street and business continues to flourish in the area.


Team Tampa Day 1 - crop.jpg

Boring Business Systems, Tampa


In addition to copier/printer sales and service, Boring now offers network services including VoIP phone systems, backup and recovery services, cloud storage solutions, anti-virus protection and more in Lakeland as well as Tampa locations.


How is adveristy addressed in your business?  How has embracing change made things better?  How have you grown as a result of these opportunities?   We'd love to hear from you!