EMPLOYEE TRAINING SPOTLIGHT: When to Communicate Tech Issues to IT Support

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To prevent problems from getting out of hand, it's a good idea to be familiar with what types of issues are minor and what types are more urgent.  Resolving potential major issues quickly by reporting to IT support can save a lot of hassle and downtime.  In worst-case scenarios, issues that go unresolved (or poor IT maintenance habits) can easily lead to loss of important data or compromised security.

MINOR VS MAJOR ISSUES: IT Support Needs to Know

Here is some information that can make it easier to decide when to notify your IT department or provider of potential problems:






MAJOR ISSUE:  Malware, Viruses & Infections



Always report any type of infection to IT support right away.  As soon as you see anything that looks off - such as browser pop-ups, data that is suddenly unavailable, antivirus warnings, strange behavior from your computer, new programs you did not install, etc. - notify IT so that the problem can be checked before it has the potential to develop into something major.


MAJOR ISSUE:  Email Hacking



Anyone in the company who is getting emails that don't seem like they really came from the sender, or anyone whose colleagues have told them they have received emails that were not intended, this is a situation where IT needs to be notified right away. Email hijacking is one of the top ways that data is compromised. Someone could have access to passwords, or inflict serious damage to the company's reputation with bogus emails. This tactic is often used as a form of social engineering by hackers who can then gain sensitive and damaging financial and personal information.


More information on major IT issues vs minor IT issues can be found here:

There are certain tech needs that you should notify your IT provider of sooner than later . Generally, the more notice, the better your IT support team can resolve your issues quickly and prevent a domino-effect of problems. Unresolved issues, or poor timing on executing certain tasks, can result in a host of issues, including data loss or compromised security.