The Boring Way Fundmental #6: DELIVER LEGENDARY CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Do the little things - as well as the big things - that blow people away.  Create extraordinary experiences they'll tell others about.  Mere customer satisfaction is for lesser companies.  Create customer loyalty by doing the unexpected.  Be a Hero!




Monday mornings at Boring are a time to meet and set the tone for the week with our Monday morning ritual: The FundamentalsEach week at 8:15am a different associate presents the week's fundamental. The program was designed by President / CEO Dean Boring as a way to make sure that the company values are solidified in habit.  There are 27 "fundamentals" in all, and we revolve through them throughout the year.


This week our fundamental is to Deliver Legendary Customer Service.  At Boring we strive to create customer loyalty by doing the unexpected.


From providing a full-time trainer and training videos to make sure all members of an organization know how to get the most from their equipment, to an associate travelling on personal time after hours to bring a client toner needed urgently, we make it our duty to go above and beyond to make every customers' experience legendary.


Service with a smile


Boring Service Coordinator Patrick Knowles, VP of Service and Facilities Mike Phillips, Associate CST Larry Lovell, CST Shane McIntosh, Delivery Driver Kerry Ellis, and CST Dan Taylor all smiles working overtime.


Our techs and service department worked overtime building, delivering, and  installing over 200 new printers and copiers for a new customer recently.  The install was completed over a weekend, so that when the clients arrived at work Monday morning, the entire facility was ready to go, and no one had to experience any inconvenience of a weekday installation.




Here are 10 steps for creating a legendary customer service experience:


1. Understand your customer.  The first step in delivering legendary customer service is knowing who you serve.  A call, letter, or visit can go a long way when it is used as an opportunity to discover what makes someone happy, what their pain points are, and to let them know that it is important to you that needs are understood and met.


2. Know that first impressions are real and lasting. Career experts say it takes just three seconds for someone to determine if they like you and want to do business with you. Fortunately, we have a good deal of control over the impressions we make.  Choices in attire, communication (verbal and nonverbal), attitude, and preparedness send cues about our professionalism, openness, and reliability.


3. Do what you say you are going to do. This one is so important here at Boring, we have several fundamentals that stress this concept: Honor Commitments; Speak Straight; Be a Fanatic About Response Time; Be Clear With Expectations; and Deliver Results.


4. Under promise, over deliver. Follow through on  commitments and exceed what you said you would do any time it is possible.  Many business advisors recommend honestly appraising yourself and what you're willing to do, then pulling back a bit to give yourself a "fudge factor." However, it is important when employing this tactic to set internal goals that are more demanding than those given to the customer, and sticking with your goals to exceed what is expected. 


5. Listen generously. Another one of Boring's fundamentals. "Listening is more than simply 'not speaking.' Give people your undivided attention, without interrrupting. Be present and engaged. Ask questions, suspend your judgment, and be curious to learn more. Listen with care and with empathy. Above all listen to understand."


6. Close the loop. A large part of going the extra mile is following through.  It helps to record a follow-up date for every action and take responsbility to see that it gets completed.  Remember, businesses and people get paid to complete things, not simply to put them in motion.


7. Know that everything you say and do communicates a message. Every interaction is an opportunity to convey an overall picture, and whether we intend to or not, we are delivering that message in everything that we do. From our websites to signage on doors, from the condition of our parking lots to the body language of associates, it all matters.  Try to be consistent and mindful in all interactions.


8. Share your appreciation. At Boring we Celebrate Success. Regularly give, receive, ask for, and share meaningful acknowledgement and appreciation - in all directions - within and outside of your organization.


9. Don't forget the little things.  Details matter.  Be a fanatic about accuracy and precision. The goal is to get things right, not simply to get them done. Double check your work.  Get the details right the first time.


10. Make it right. Problems will arise, we are all human, and from time to time mistakes are made. These occurrences are great opportunities to show people just how much you are willing to go the extra mile and make it right.  Practice Blameless Problem-Solving.  Focus your attention on developing solutions.  Just fix it.



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