Our fundamental of the week is brought to you by Annie - one of Boring's Managed Network Services / IT Support Help Desk Technicians - who always has a friendly smile and knows her way around a computer.



Fixing Stuff: It's What She Does

Chances are if you've called Boring's IT Support Help Desk in Lakeland or Remote IT Support Help Desk in Tampa, you have had the pleasure of speaking with Analiza Johnson.  Chances  are also that she fixed your problem remotely, as 95% of IT service calls at Boring can be handled by remote access - network problems are solved quickly right over the phone and you're right back in business.


After Hurricane Irma (Read our Blog Post Bandaid 4 Puerto Rico) Analiza brought in an electric skillet full of amazing home-cooked food to the Boring kitchen so that associates who were still out of electricity could have a hot meal.  We can always count on her at parties or pot lucks to feed us well, and associates with computer problems can call her desk for fast solutions.  Example:


Me:  Hi Annie, I was wondering if you can help me.  My computer is running really slow.

Annie:  Ok let me take a look. (4 seconds passes) You have 42 browser windows and 17 Photoshop files open...


59 clicks and carpal tunnel later, my computer was lightning again.  :)


in her words: ANALIZA on the importance of listening

boring listen.png


This week's Boring Way Fundamental is #7: LISTEN GENEROUSLY.  Listening is more than simply “not speaking.”  Give others your undivided attention, without interrrupting.  Be present and engaged.  Ask questions, suspend your judgment, and be curious to learn more.  Listen with care and with empathy.  Above all, listen to understand.

Annie says it best:  "Listening is a very important aspect throughout our daily lives; in relationships with our parents, partner in life, our children, our friends, customers, and our mentors.  By listening, you learn more about the speaker's needs, opinion, mood, and trust."




She continues, explaining how active listening builds confidence and trust.  "When a customer calls me, I always give them my undivided attention, clear all the distractions and extra conversation, and make sure I repeat what they said so that I fully understand what they are trying to get across.  If you help a customer once, the customer trusts that you would help them again when you pick up that phone, so they speak out right away about the problem.  Once they are speaking, I do not like to interrupt them, so I can get more information about the issue."


A tip for ensuring the best customer service even when things are busy:  "If you are instructed to do other things once you take that call," Annie says, "let the customer finish telling you the problem and notify them about the transition.  Maybe suggest a solution that could help out so you still earn their trust by showing your sincere concern."


You can reach Annie at Boring's Help Desk by calling (863) 686-3167


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