HEART WALK 2017 Recap - Good Times For A Great Cause

HEART WALK TEAM PHOTO.jpgHalf of our team was there bright and early for the first photo of the day!  The other half made up for it by walking faster than the rest of us :)

Heart Walk 2017 was a blast!   This year Boring was one of Polk County's Top Heart Walk Companies!   The fundraiser on behalf of The American Heart Association in partnership with Boring was led by CEO Dean Boring, Community Relations Coordinator Emily Fox, Administrative Assistant Denise Hartley, and Contracts Administrator Dianne Sisler.  Two teams within our company had a friendly competition to see who could raise the most money.  In the end, it was a tie!


heart walk ladies.pngThe Boring Way - Make A Difference!

AHA rasied over $115,000 in all for this lifesaving cause.  We would like to thank Chad Loy, Julie Adams, Eric Troops, Rich Sloan, Olivia Canton-Harrioson and the teams of the city and county for all of their hard work gettting Publix Field at Joker Marchant all cleaned up for the walk after Irma.


boring lemonade.jpgTeam Heart of Boring Lemonade Stand at First Friday Dog Days was a hit!

Thank you also to our CEO Dean Boring for rising to the County Wide Executive Challenge.  Dean came in 3rd place in the county for funds raised for Heart Walk.


For over 90 years, the AHA has saved and improved the lives of millions of people, which would not be possible without the works of communities and businesses coming together.


7-1.jpgSEU Fire!


10.jpgLakeland Automall for Heart Walk!




Thank you American Heart Association for saving lives!   For more information visit The American Heart Association.