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Top security mistakes and how to avoid them

From HP's September 2014 Technology at Work Newsletter

In the movies, hackers are easy to identify. The screen’s green glow reflects on their grizzled faces as they type furiously at their keyboards in the murky shadows. Of course, real-life hackers...

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10 Tips to Achieve Backup and Recovery Success

A One-Page Expert Guide from Ramon Ray Editor & Technology Evangelist,

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Boring on the Cover of Lakeland's Forum for Business!

In case you missed it, Boring was featured on the cover of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce Forum for Business magazine last month -- with an article inside on managing accounts receivables by our own Carol Cantanzarite! Carol has been with...

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A Boring Birthday Bash

Thanks to everyone that came out on September 24, 2014 to celebrate 90 years with us! We had a blast!

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We are Celebrating our 90th Anniversary!!


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A Treasure Trove of Typewriters

LAKELAND (FOX 13) - In a time when small businesses come and go, one has always called Lakeland, Florida home.

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