Say hi to Patrick, another one of our Customer Service gurus!  Patrick is Boring's Service Coordinator.  He helps ensure every business print & copy service call is resolved quickly, and that problems are fixed right the first time.

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Patrick says, "At Boring, we are a customer service based company run on family fundamentals."  We have a group of 27 Fundamentals  that we all meet to talk about every monday morning at 8:15.


"The Fundamentals have really tied into the culture we are growing at Boring," Patrick explains.  "Do The Right Thing Always, Practice Blameless Problem-Solving, and Assume Positive Intent are just three of the fundamentals we work to live by at Boring.  We try and treat our internal customers (coworkers) with the same service and technology that we provide for our external customers."


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From the latest and greatest tool of the technology world, to a GPS device in every service tech's car, Boring makes sure to equip associates with all of the tools needed to provide customers with the fastest service and on-point ETA's.


"We handle every service call with a Human Touch, which happens to be one of our 27 Fundamentals," says Patrick. "The family values on which Boring operates makes it easy to Bring It Every Day."


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Asked which fundamenal he believes really sets Boring's service apart from the rest, he cited Boring Fundamental #24: "Be Relentless About Continuous Improvement.  Because we've always done it that way isn't a reason. Constantly evaluate every aspect of your job to find ways to improve. Share what you learn so that others can benefit from the best practices as well. You are the company's greates asset; continue to grow."


Patrick started working at Boring in 2013.  He has worked as Managed Print Service Support, Dispatch, and has since been promoted to Service Coordinator.


You can reach Patrick in our Service Department by calling (863) 686-3167


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