Friday, november 17th 2017: company meeting in lakeland


Mike Johnson, Marcos Rivera and Par Sahota:  The stripes memo has been received.   Good work.

stripes and stars

Boring held its monthly company meeting today in our Lakeland Copier Showroom.  Every month on a Friday, all 57 associates gather to go over all aspects of business and honor our top performers.


This month we honored top sales and service associates from Lakeland and Tampa locations. 

The Superstars:


September Superstar Tampa Sales Award:  Marcos Rivera

October Superstar Tampa Sales Award:  Rachel Parkhurst

October Top Percentage:  Heather Willis

October Top Sales:  Rich Till

Service Associate of the Month:  David Couell




VP of Tampa Sales Mike Johnson, Marcos Rivera, Rachel Parkhurst and Dean Boring.



VP of Sales Par Sahota, Heather Willis, and Dean Boring.  Heather gets stripes and is a Managed Print Expert.  Contact her for a sure way to save money on print expenses for your business.



Par Sahota, Rich Till, and Dean Boring.



VP of Service & Facilities Mike Phillips with Service Associate of the Month David Couell.  David celebrated his 8th anniversary with Boring this month!

a unique concept for company meetings

Boring's company meeting is unique among businesses because of the forward-thinking initiative of CEO & President Dean Boring.  Dean made the decision to open the books to all associates monthly, providing  complete transparency on financial matters, company reports, revenue, strategy, and planning. 


"Consultants in this industry had never heard of such a thing," said Boring.  "But we made the decision about what kind of culture we wanted to create here.  We designed it and we implemented it for us to be a family; to work together toward common goals."


Clearly the decision has paid off, as Boring has picked up a slew of new accounts and swept some from competitors as well.  Spirits are high, people are working together, customers are happy and the numbers are showing it.


"By showing people some idea of what good looks like, we can work toward it," Dean said.  And that he has done.  The result is top quality products, top level service, a growing customer base that profits from real value, a thriving community spirit of giving, and 57 dedicated individuals who are proud to call Boring home.



 Later in the day we had a little Thanksgiving feast catered by Olive Garden at Lakeside Village.  Thank you David Couell for bringing that chair :)  Good times.