Traditional data backup is out. it's just not enough.  

Introducing the new wave of backup & disaster rEcovery:


business continuity

Tape, disk, online only - these traditional backup methods are no longer sufficient.  Savvy business owners are finding them to be unacceptable due to their inability to minimize downtime and recover data quickly. Recent technological innovations have led to a comprehensive new standard for data backup called Business Continuity (BC).

Only a comprehensive BC solution can ensure total data protection, data security, virtually instant recovery, minimized downtime and ensured continuity of essential operational business data.


why traditional backup fails

Traditional backup is slow, and can take weeks to recover data after a disaster occurs - if the data is recoverable. There is a high risk of failure due to the necessity for a large amount of manual administration.  After a data failure with traditional backup methods, human error can account for up to 58% of downtime.

It is very difficult to test if a traditional backup has worked, or if data is backed up properly.  Often after a data loss event, businesses may learn that their backup was incomplete. 

time is money

61% of small businesses still ship backup files on tape to an off-site location.  This is time-consuming, costly, and unnecessary - especially when tape failure rates can exceed 50%. Traditional backup methods make it difficult to prioritize data for fast and efficient recovery. Backup speeds are not optimal, and therefore complete backups can take too long to be effective.  Add the potential for easy theft or loss of media and you have a system where many are paying for a false sense of security that can damage a business irreparably. 


Better backup with bc

With new backup methods, problems that have plagued businesses since the inception of data-based industry are solved. 


Downtime after a disaster is reduced to hours, minutes, or even seconds. 

BC involves a fully automated backup process, with very little manual management required.  In this process, automated screenshots are taken of each backup. Image-based backup verifies that backups are successful, and each image-based slice of information is automatically saved in multiple locations.


enhanced storage capabilities ensure foolproof backup.

New backup technologies offer quick and efficient transfer of files to off-site data centers. Backups can be accomplished quickly and regularly, even with low bandwidth or busy networks.  With new backup methods, data is prioritized, so the most important information is backed up and recovered first. And most importantly, instant virtualization allows data to be instantly backed up in both local appliances and remote locations.


Redundancy is key.

When the ability to keep your business running after a disaster, data theft, or system error is crucial and time-sensitive, multiple methods of backup are essential.  Business Continuity ensures redundancy of information systems by using local structures and secure cloud technology, with state of the art data encryption.  So you never have to worry if data loss will affect your business. 



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