Scam alert!  Don't fall for toner cartridge pirate scams.

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Businesses Large and Small are Targets


Toner pirates run scams to deceive businesses and get your money.  Managed Print Services as an industry solution exists because of the fact that printing costs and supplies are expenses that are often variable - and commonly unmanaged.


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Routine reorders are one of the most common targets for scammers of business entities.  Awareness is key to solving costly problems.  Here are some tips to put systems in place to protect your business:


Scammers Research Your Company to Prepare

Many scammers can obtain information about your business and employees under false pretenses.  This is how they prepare for the attack.  Information collection is often in the form of surveys, where detailed questions may be asked of an unsuspecting associate.


SCAMMMER CALLING.jpgHello, this is your friendly scammer calling to collect your valuable information!

Once a scammer gains information and details about your company and equipment, they are primed to call back at a later date, when offering this inside information makes them appear to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. 

Solution:  Be wary of unsolicited calls asking for company information.  Have a system in place to determine who survey calls should go to, and make sure everyone is aware that no one is required to answer questions from unknown parties over the phone. 


False Invoices and Unordered Shipments

Sometimes, instead of calling back after gaining information like equipment IDs, scammers will just send a bogus invoice, or even ship supplies that were never ordered.


toner explosion.jpgWho ordered all this toner?

Scammer mentality: Why bother trying to gain a customer's order when you can just ship supplies that they will pay for?  Failure to have a purchase order and verification system in place can leave you susceptible to scams.


Solution:  Make sure that all print supply orders are handled by a specific person, and have all shipments and invoices approved by that person prior to accepting or paying.


Watch Out For Inferior Quality Supplies and Pressure-Sales Tactics

Deals that seem too good to be true are probably scams and should make you wary.  Enticing purchasers with amazing prices, limited-time offers, and exceptional discounts can make someone feel that they must make a decision urgently, or risk losing out on a deal. 


hasty decisions.jpg(Unrealistic Promises) + (Sense of Urgency)  - (Time to Consider) = (The Perfect Storm for Scammers)

After a deal is hastily agreed-upon, inferior quality supplies are sent and illigitimate companies will not accept returns or offer refunds.

Solution:  Always ask for all sales pitches, deals, or offers in writing.  Any reputable company will allow sufficient time to make a well-informed decision about a purchase.


Beware of Imposters

Some scammers will pretend to be your trusted print supplier.  They may call impersonating an associate and ask for an order or payment. 


impoter.jpgLet's make a deal!

Solution:  Order supplies through a secure portal on your print provider's website or call them directly.


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