WHAT IS "THE CLOUD" ANYWAY? into the cloud: part one

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THE cloud. seriously... what is it?

We've all heard of it. We all use it. But what on earth is the cloud?  Lets find out!




the cloud is a place to KEEP DATA

Very simply, The Cloud is an easy place to store, save, and access files from any device wherever you are in the world. If you think back to the beginning of computing, when you made a file on a computer, you had to go to that computer to access or print your file.

As time went by we got the internet (yay!), so then you could attach your file to an email and send it to a different computer. But now, with The Cloud, your file doesn't have to live just within your computer. It can live in the cloud - which basically means it lives in the internet so any computer can potentially access it.


THE CLOUD IS A Physical thing

Probably the biggest misconception about The Cloud is that it's just this floating "idea" of internet possibility. The image of a cloud conjures something that looks tangible but then when you go to touch it, it's not there. As children we probably all imagined being able to sleep or jump on a fluffy cloud. Then we learned that clouds aren't solid and we can't jump on them (so sorry). 

But in technology, that isn't the case. The Cloud is an actual thing. It is composed of real, tangible places around the world where data is physically stored


THE CLOUD IS based on hardware

The way The Cloud works is a collection of physical devices that can communicate with one another store and transfer cloud data.  Business that sell cloud storage are able to offer affordable data storage because they have sourced the best servers at the lowest price. 

Server room.jpg

This is a server room. 

A server is a computer designed to process and deliver requests for data to other computers. Any computer can function as a server, delivering information as requested - but in the big world of technology, server generally refers to very large, high-powered machines that push and pull data across the internet.


while we're at it, what is the internet?

The internet is not just some idea in the air where information gets magically sent. It is a collection of computers physically connected to other computers through wires that span the whole earth


A screenshot of the interactive Submarine Cable Map, which tracks active and planned submarine cable systems and their landing stations according to the Global Bandwidth Research Service.


Courtesy of Submarine Cable Map

Many think we live in a wireless world, but that isn't the case. The world is now more wired than ever, and tiny wires that fit through housing smaller than a garden hose take our information across the ocean floors


Stay tuned for  INTO THE CLOUD: PART TWO where we will learn why it's great to store information in the cloud, and what we can do to keep our cloud data safe.


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